Meet the Crew

Steve Judson, D.C.

Dr. Steve Judson has been practicing in Newington, Connecticut since 2002 and has a great passion for helping others reach their fullest potential through Chiropractic.  He is a 1998 Life University graduate and has traveled around the world to Russia, Central America, Tobago and the Dominican Republic educating doctors and patients about the power of the human body and its Innate wisdom to heal itself.

As an upper cervical specialist, Dr. Judson trains chiropractors to become upper cervical specialists themselves.  He speaks and educates internationally about finding their destiny from within themselves.

Dr. Judson prides himself most on his incredible family:  his wife Tammy and his five beautiful children, Kylie, Sierra, Brooke, Kane and Jaimee.

Jessica Quintero-Villa, D.C.

Dr. Jessica Quintero-Villa was born in North Bergen, New Jersey and raised in Medellin, Colombia. Chiropractic is her passion and purpose in life. Dr. Jessica is a specific chiropractor specializing in “brainstem compression”. She helps sick people get well and well people stay well. Dr. Jessica has traveled to several countries between 2009-2016 including El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Colombia on outreach programs to provide specific chiropractic care to those that are not able to afford the services.

Having suffered with a label called Spinal Muscular Atrophy for over 10 years as a young girl, she is highly motivated to assist those who have not been able to find answers for their difficult health problems. She is well known for her successful work in getting results as an upper cervical specific specialist.

Dr. Jessica enjoys taking walks in the woods and loves being around lakes, rivers and oceans. Because of her Colombian ethnicity she has a great love for good coffee and the love for family and culture.

And the ones who make it all possible